Little English Library Grand Opening


On Friday, March 28th, the Little English Library opened in Breda.  It was a project envisioned and spearheaded by one of our members, Tatia.  She created this “Non-Profit Project for Children who speak English or who are learning English in & around Breda.”  It is as it is named, a library with English books.  But it is also much more than that.


The library is housed in a local Montessori School.  Many of our members helped by donating gently used books or new books.  The excitement mounted over the past several months as Tatia gave weekly and daily updates on the books donated, search for space, development of the plan, and final construction.  Many of us were eagerly awaiting the opening to take our little ones.

And when the doors opened for the grand opening, there were many mums and children excited to see the new library.  It was a nice morning to gather, view the space with the sunlight streaming in the large windows, have some coffee, and visit with friends.   The children explored and enjoyed the space.   Tatia used a brilliant, organizing system for shelving the books which is easy and fun to use for all ages.  There are toys, benches to sit and read, play mats, and activities.  Everyone received their cards and left with several books in hand.

Something so simple as a library can really make a place, which is foreign to many of us, seem like home.  A library not only houses books but it is a place that houses imagination, excitement, new adventures, familiar stories and friends, and an escape to a different place.  And sometimes we escape in our stories to feel a little closer to the homes we left.

Thank you, Tatia and your team, for all the hard work and helping us feel a little more at home here.


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  1. Wonderful. Thanks to all IWC members for all your support, donations, enthusiasm and of course for coming to the opening. It was fabulous to see so many English mums just having a good time, chatting away, browsing books and enjoying the sunshine. I hope all children enjoyed their time at the library and yes, see you all very soon. Thanks Tash.

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