Yin Yang Yoga

By Delia A.

Yin Yang Yoga
Led by Hope T., on 25 February 2016

On 25 February, about 10 lovely members turned up at our familiar monthly coffee morning meeting spot to try our hand at Yoga, under the watchful and gentle instruction of member Hope.

Hope has been a Yoga teacher for 2 years and has been practicing Yoga herself since 1989! Some of us ladies that turned up were complete beginners and, from what I could tell, others had done this before.

We started with Hatha Yoga, which is movements and poses, for the 1st half of the session and then went on to do Yin, which is stretching. We also did some alternate nostril breathing which wasn’t as difficult as I first thought, but Hope was very clear in her instruction so maybe that’s why.

A group of very "zen" members after the yoga workshop!
A group of very “zen” members after the yoga workshop!

These are names of poses I remember doing (or trying to do): the sleeping crocodile, the happy baby, the sphinx, the cobra, the sun salutation. After a relaxation exercise we slowly emerged from our mats and enjoyed a drink and a chat together before going our seperate ways.

Thank you to the, obviously more experienced, yoga mat neighbours I had – Renee and Mimi. It was very useful to glance round to see I was doing it right. Above all, thank you Hope for the balanced guidance and teaching.

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