Museum MOTI: exhibit “Nieuwe Lusten – Modern Delights”

By Jennifer W.
Museum MOTI: exhibit “Nieuwe Lusten – Modern Delights”, on 19 April 2016

Six members of the IWC met at the MOTI Museum for the current exhibition Nieuwe Lusten–Modern Delights.


The exhibit featured work by four Dutch artists commissioned to deliver their interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s the Garden of Earthly Delights.  Each artist us20160419_114550ed different digital tools to create their version of the iconic triptych in pixels, file remixes, animations and projections. It was quite an interesting exhibit, with strong images starting from a peaceful garden ending with a garden in decay. Much to ponder with such a strong subject and varying artist interpretations.



20160419_112506The museum also featured the Van Gogh Minis. This exhibit features dioramas, with each artist developing an interpretation of one of Van Gogh’s works. The pieces ranged from simple boxes with 3D effects of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings to a 3D virtual reality headset with a moving image of a scene from one painting.  The ongoing exhibit of visual culture images and media were also very entertaining with some almost dizzying visual creations and creative advertising media. 

20160419_112241We ended the morning with a quick bite and lovely coffees at bij Kaatje! 

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