Selfie Workshop–Tips to improve your selfie photos and more!

Selfie Workshop, Breda 26th Jan 2017

by Rebecca C.



On this cold morning in January seven ladies from IWC received a warm welcome from Agnieszka who hosted the first IWC “selfie” workshop. The event was hosted at her house, complete with a visit to her photography studio.

Agnieszka talked about technical aspects, composition, posing, and camera settings in order to take that perfect selfie.  Light, facial position and position of light are the main aspects to pay attention to when preparing to take a good photograph, as well as a great selfie! After taking selfie after selfie after selfie, Agnieszka also shared with us some useful apps for editing your photos. We even got a few professional photos of each of us from the photographer herself!

Thank you Agnieszka for a fun morning with lots of selfies and laughs.



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