3D Art Workshop

In March the opportunity arose to have a 3D art crafting workshop with the ladies of the IWC. Each member was presented with a canvas, a relief medium and some tools. The object was to create a piece of art on the canvas with a plaster medium. We went to work immediately. The technique was simple. We could glob, splatter, scrape, smear and poke our way over the canvas with the medium to create a 3D relief

We had to discover how fast the relief medium would dry and what we could actually do with it on a canvas. For the first try it was a huge success, although not as easy as it sounds! The canvases dried while we took a break to eat lunch. Then we spray painted the results in a solid colour. The workshop was very enjoyable and can easily be re-created at home for those that want a second attempt. Thanks to Anne Griffieon – Heye for sharing the idea and introducing us to the process.

The workshop participants
In the process of creating a relief
Spray painting the canvas black
Spray painting the canvas white

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