Each month the IWC Breda offers a variety of activities to suit a range of interests.

Coffee Morning This is a great time to catch up with familiar faces and make new friends. Each month we meet in a central location, have some coffee and chat. Very often there are happenings at the coffee morning such as cake sales, book give-a-ways and special presentations.  If you are new to the club, this is a great way to meet a lot of us at one time. Children are also welcome!

Mums and Tots This group affords mothers and their young children the opportunity to socialise and play. All ages are welcome but typically children are newborn to just under 4 years old. There are also many special events organised throughout the year such as child focused holiday parties. Meeting places are held at members’ homes, local indoor play centres, and community spaces. A good time can be had by adults and children alike. Please see our group website for a list of child friendly activities in the Breda area: Mum’s and Tots Website

Book Group The book group meets in a different member’s home each month. Books are chosen by vote at the beginning of each year. Recent books read and discussed were in the genre of mystery, biography and humour. Have a look at what we’re reading lately and come and join us for some lively discussion!

Evening Meal Breda is known for its Bourgondisch lifestyle which means that we love our food, drink and social activities. Each month a new restaurant in town is chosen. Chances are good that you will have a tasty meal with some great company. This event works well for those of us who work and cannot attend the daytime meet-ups.

Potluck Lunch – Each month members get together in each other’s homes to enjoy a potluck style lunch. The idea is that you either bring a sweet or savoury dish to be shared with the other people at the lunch. What new flavours will you get to sample this month? Bring a dish of your own and find out!

Handiwork/Craft Group – This group meets monthly.  All levels are welcome from beginner to expert.  Want to learn a craft? We’ll be glad to help.  Participants gather at a members home to share ideas and work on their current projects. Any handiwork or craft is welcome.

Dutch Conversation Group  Members who are learning Dutch and wish to practice and polish their conversational skills get together twice a month for an informal chat under the guidance of Dutch native speakers. A topic is chosen for discussion beforehand and help and advice offered for learners. Some knowledge of the Dutch language is required to get the most out of this group.

Museum Group – For the art lovers and critics among us there is a group dedicated to visiting museums and exhibitions currently running in the Netherlands. Although the group meets regularly there is no fixed schedule as it largely depends on which exhibitions are currently running. Some displays recently visited include an Exhibition of Amish Quilts and the International Sculpture Exhibition.

Tea Party  This potluck style event is our last group gathering before the summer holidays begin. It is a chance for us to get together, enjoy a wonderful lunch and finish off the year in style.

In addition to our standard monthly activities, the IWC Breda encourages its members to organise various events. It’s very important to us that we offer a variety of experiences that appeal to women from different countries with diverse interests. Some of our recent events included an arboretum tour, a photography workshop, yoga workshop, painting workshop, bike ride, and cooking demonstrations with lunch afterwards. Check out some of the activity reports written by our members for more details.

Have an idea for a new interest group or activity? We would love for you to let us know.