The IWC Breda is proud to support local charities in and around Breda. We hold regular fundraiser activities for our chosen charity, including dinners, auctions, cake sales, raffles and other special events in order to raise money for a good cause.

2018 – 2020

Our chosen charity for club years 2018 -2020 was de Honingraad, a care centre for people with cancer and also for relations of people with cancer. The centre is fluent in English and all workers volunteer. The charity team was formed of Rina Ruczynski, Linda Bole and Ingrid van der Ent.

Final Grand Total raised was: € 2175.98 and was presented to the charity on 8 October 2020. 

About “de Honingraad”


De Honingraad is a walk-in centre offering support to people with cancer and their loved ones. They promote contact between people experiencing the same and this mutual recognition helps to reduce anxiety and can have a positive influence on self esteem.

Stichting Inloophuis De Honingraad was established in 1998 and has grown to be a familiar place for many in recent years.

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The IWC did not sponsor a charity for club years 2016-2017.

2013 – 2015

Our chosen charity for club years 2013-2015 was Het Bonte Perdje, which was proposed by Angela at the September 2013 AGM.

Final Grand Total raised was:  3460 and was presented to the charity on 5 November 2015.

About “Het Bonte Perdje”Het Bonte Perdje Logo

“Het Bonte Perdje” was set up in 1969 with the aim of giving disabled children and young adults (aged between 7 – 35) in the Breda area the opportunity to go horse-riding.  For many years now, the Manege De Roosberg in Bavel has opened its stable doors each Saturday morning for this very purpose.

Horse-riding for these young people is not only a fantastic means of relaxation but also brings with it other therapeutic qualities. Over the course of time, it helps riders physically, posture and balance being the most notable improvements. Physical contact with the horse, riding within the confines of the stables and as well as out in the surrounding area, leads to an enormous boost in self-confidence.

Het Bonte Perdje is staffed by parents and volunteers but financial support is also required to put a disabled child, especially from less privileged backgrounds, on the back of a horse for a year (around €300 per child).

Following a horse-riding accident, Angela became acquainted with this organisation and had already successfully organised one charity event for them before suggesting it to the club. She has seen first hand the beneficial effects and above all the freedom that horse-riding brings to these children. For that reason, she proposed Het Bonte Perdje as our nominated charity for club years 2013-2015.

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