Singaporean cooking class May 18, Bavel

by Silvana L.

62 years ago I was born in Singapore, where I lived with my family for 6 years. I can still remember the colours and smells of the fruit, vegetables and flowers on display at the markets there. It all came back to me when I stepped into the kitchen of Renee and saw what was cooking for lunch .

It was a walk through memory lane. Together with other members of the IWC and with the support of Renee, Siew Kien and Doreen, we were taught how to cook a lunch that consisted of: Curry Chicken, Mixed vegetables stir fry and Vietnamese spring rolls. I can assure you all that folding rice paper isn’t as easy as it looks! Everything was well organised and instructions were given with humour and clarity and it felt like coming home .

Recently I made myself a Singapore Sling and I imagined I was sitting in the lounge of the Raffles Hotel…. and with the words of W. Somerset Maugham: the essence of the beautiful is the unity in variety, I say Cheers to the Singaporean way of cooking! It was lovely!

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Candle Making Workshop, March 30th, Breda

by Avril M.

The Candle Making Workshop held at the Baker this morning was attended by 10 members of the International Women’s Club.
We were treated to a free coffee and some tasty honey cake while Renee’s friend Ria demonstrated the making of beeswax candles from thin sheets of beeswax with a honeycomb motif.
We were each given a knotted piece of candlewick and then used a sheet of beeswax to roll around the wick to make a candle. The results were all different, like long tapers or shorter candles.
Ria then produced silicon moulds with more wicks and members were able to choose and prepare a mould. A huge pan of hot beeswax was put on the table and we poured the molten wax into our moulds. The resulting candles were perfect and everyone was pleased with the result.
Ria also explained how to dip candles, which is a very long process.
As Ria works with her own beehives, she also had honey and other interesting products for sale for any members, yum!!! If only we had some munt thee…….
The Workshop was a great success and the members who participated had an enjoyable morning. Thanks go out to all!!
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March Potluck Lunch, 28 March, host Rita Weber

Another month has passed and another successful potluck lunch was celebrated!

Rita organizes a monthly event with different hosts for the potluck lunch. The menu changes with each month, as guests decide what wonderful culinary creations to bring.

Can’t wait to see the delicious lunch next month!!!

2017-03-28 12.47.05 (1)

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