Salsa Workshop

Demonstrated by Alexi S. & Karla L., on 19 May 2016
Write-up by Carina de B.

pic Salsa 1

On Thursday 19 May 8 ladies drove to Waalwijk to take part in a salsa workshop. All keen to learn the finer details of salsa making from Alexi and Karla. So we’re not talking about a salsa workshop that involves a lot of loose hip movements, just to be clear!

Alexi and Karla had selected 5 different salsas for us to make. This resulted in a nice colorful palet from bright green, to red and yellow salsas. The last one being sweetened with mango. There was lot of tasting , dipping the warm tortillas with cheese in these very tasty dips. Alexi even made 2 authentic Mexican drinks. Homemade lemonade and delicious Horchata (cinnamon rice drink)  to go with it.

pic salsa 2

A lot is just made to taste. You like spicy? Just add more peppers. Is it too spicy? Add some lime. Most of the recipes that were used by Karla were handed down from here mum. All families have their own specific receipes that originate from how the family liked their salsas.

As Karla said: you just have to experiment, try out a bit of this and a bit of that. Just until you have the right mix for your taste.  Well that is something we are going to put into practice out home.

One thing is sure. Alexi and Karla hit the right tone with all of us. No more salsa from a jar!


Make-up Workshop

By Linda B.
Make-up Workshop
Demonstrated by Mimi Z., on 21 April & 25 May 2016

Mimi explaining basic skin care and make-up products
One member who took us up on our offer to facilitate a workshop was Mimi.  Mimi, for those of you who don’t know,  is passionate about make-up and decided to share that passion with us during the course of a workshop she gave on two separate dates.

Mimi removed all her make-up. Then re-applied to show us her technique.

She carefully explained the ”tools of her trade” and some of the techniques she uses to apply and remove make up, as well as showing us her favourite brands and the reasons behind her choices.  Putting her money where her mouth was, she carefully removed all of her beautifully applied make up and showed us her daily routine of prepping her face and applying make up.
We gained a lot of tips and Mimi had plenty more to offer but we unfortunately run out of time.  So ladies, we very much hope that Mimi will be back to offer another workshop to impart more of her wonderful tips.  Thanks, Mimi!  It was a fabulous morning & evening (and had many of us rushing out to replenish our tired make-up bags!)