About IWC Breda

Established in 1969

IWC Ladies on blind wall tour

It all started with a small advertisement which appeared in De Stem on 27 August 1969 which invited Dutch ladies to “brush up on their English and make the British and American ladies feel at home in our country”.

Our club was founded as The British and American Ladies Club on 16 September 1969 when an overwhelming number of women responded to the ad and met at the Breda Oranje Hotel. In May 1972 the club’s name was changed to “The International Club” and several months later to “The International Women’s Club”.

We currently have around 70 members from approximately 20 different countries.  Our members range in age from 21 to 90 and encompass all facets of life. We are single, married, working and full- time mothers. Some of us are retired, have grandchildren, and are devoted to our hobbies.

The aim of the club from its inception to the present day is simply to provide a network of companionship and support. Many of us find ourselves living in the Netherlands as a result of either our own or our partner’s work or because we have a relationship with a Dutch citizen. Becoming accustomed to a new culture, environment and language can be difficult. All members understand the challenge, frustration and fun of living in a different country. We look after one another and very often become an extended family. We strive to promote social contacts, offer guidance and to extend a hand of familiarity and friendship that will last beyond your stay here.

If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to join us, please email us at info@iwcbreda.nl. We offer a warm welcome to all, so come along!

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