Category: Events

  • 3D Art Workshop

    3D Art Workshop

    In March the opportunity arose to have a 3D art crafting workshop with the ladies of the IWC. Each member was presented with a canvas, a relief medium and some tools. The object was to create a piece of art on the canvas with a plaster medium. We went to work immediately. The technique was…

  • High Tea in Molen de Hoop

    High Tea in Molen de Hoop

    This year IWC decided to have a High Tea instead of an Easter Lunch. The event was a big success! Twenty three ladies came out to enjoy the afternoon together. From our newest member to our wisest member, we had a diverse group of women to chat with. The tea room was nicely decorated and…

  • Jeu de Boules

    Jeu de Boules

    Partner/Friend Evening Event at Boules Bites Bar This was the first partner/friend event at the Boules Bites Bar venue and from all accounts it was a very social and fun evening. With 17 enthusiastic players on the night there was plenty of discussion and examination on the lanes. If you missed Novembers Jeu de Boules…