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Annual Garden Tea Party

Annual Garden Tea Party, 30th June 2016
Hosted by Bep M.
Written by Renée O.

On a slightly wet Thursday noon time of 30th June, the ladies of the IWC came together for our annual Garden Tea Party!

20160630_125113This year’s venue was at Bep M.’s building’s gorgeous communal garden & mansion. Pity with the weather, we could not enjoy the outdoor garden this year. Lucky for us, there were tables and chairs inside the mansion to accommodate us all comfortably.

President Hope opened the event with a few welcome words. 20160630_125132
Presented gifts to helping members for their event organizing work throughout the club year:
– Seonad & Ingrid for evening meals
– Michele, for book club group
– Delia, for museum group
– Deborah, for handicraft group
– Katrina, for mom & tots group
– Rita, for potluck group

The traditional pot-luck style event had brought us sweet and savoury dishes of all kinds, some with other countries’ twists! As usual, happy noisy chats filled the rooms and the hours flew by when we ended the Club year saying goodbye and wishing one another a wonderful summer break!

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A ‘gezellig’ High Tea

High Tea, 28th May 2016
By Linda W.


On Saturday May 28th from 14:00-17:00, the IWC hosted a fabulous complementary/ sponsored high tea for all members. Rina, Carina and Bep had organized and booked a perfect venue (Restaurant Ruitosbosch) for the event in which we had our own private area indoors and out.

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Over 30 ladies showed up including new and old members. The food included savory dishes such as sandwiches with carpaccio, basil cream and parmesan and delicious mushroom parcels. To add to the international theme, scones with clotted cream and jam were served as were little brownie parcels and chocolate covered strawberries. Flowering teas were served to complement the food. It was a truly ‘gezellig’ high tea!

Make-up Workshop

By Linda B.
Make-up Workshop
Demonstrated by Mimi Z., on 21 April & 25 May 2016


Mimi explaining basic skin care and make-up products

One member who took us up on our offer to facilitate a workshop was Mimi.  Mimi, for those of you who don’t know,  is passionate about make-up and decided to share that passion with us during the course of a workshop she gave on two separate dates.


Mimi removed all her make-up. Then re-applied to show us her technique.

She carefully explained the ”tools of her trade” and some of the techniques she uses to apply and remove make up, as well as showing us her favourite brands and the reasons behind her choices.  Putting her money where her mouth was, she carefully removed all of her beautifully applied make up and showed us her daily routine of prepping her face and applying make up.
We gained a lot of tips and Mimi had plenty more to offer but we unfortunately run out of time.  So ladies, we very much hope that Mimi will be back to offer another workshop to impart more of her wonderful tips.  Thanks, Mimi!  It was a fabulous morning & evening (and had many of us rushing out to replenish our tired make-up bags!)

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