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  • Domaine d’Heerstaayen

    Domaine d’Heerstaayen

    Originally Domaine d’Heerstaayen was a vineyard, but today it is so much more. With the orangery as the radiant centrepiece of this beautifully styled domaine, charm and romance are palpable.

  • De Koningshoeven Brewery

    De Koningshoeven Brewery

    IWC members and their guests enjoyed a beautiful Saturday in June touring the Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot.The tour began with a short historical education about the humble beginnings of the Abbey and the monks that live, work and operate the brewery

  • Scaffolding St. Jan, Den Bosch

    Scaffolding St. Jan, Den Bosch, 20th October 2016 By Delia A. Carina (the wonderful organizer of this day’s activities) Linda, Siew Kien, Silvana and I gathered at the Sint Jan’s in Den Bosch on Thurday 20th October to willingly climb a staircase within scaffolding attached to the side of the Cathedral.  There was also a […]