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Guided Walk, Historic Mile Breda

Guided Walk, Historic Mile Breda, 8th September 2016
By Brigitte T.

160908-breda-walk-8On Thursday September 8th, a group of 15 members met up on a soft sunny morning for a historical guided walk through Breda. We were in luck, our guide, provided by the VVV, was a charming retired army officer, whose second passion in life, next to the army, was history. He spoke excellent English, was interesting, and amusing.

We started our tour in the Valkenberg park next to the monument commerating the 1404 meeting of the German aristocrat, Engelbrecht van Nassau, with his future bride, the eleven year old Johanna van Polanen, the daughter of the then wealthiest and most important family in Breda. This couple were the founding parents of the Nassau dynasty, whose heirs went on to be the Kings of the Lowlands for many centuries.

Our guide retold the story of Breda, how it grew in power and importance as a trading hub in the centre of the then kingdom of Benelux, as well being as the domiclie of the royal court. He told how Breda was invaded first by the Spaniards and later by the French, and later why and how the royal court was moved from Breda to Den Haag.

We visited the castle of Breda, which has been used as a military training academeny for officers for the past two centuries. We also visited the Grote Kerk and finally the Begijnhof.

It was a really enjoyable walk. In two hours, I think most of us learnt more about the history of the City we call home, then in all the years that we have lived here. I always think of Breda as a very pleasant second ranking Dutch city, but now I know that for centuries, it was one of the most important cities of Europe.

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Museum MOTI: exhibit “Nieuwe Lusten – Modern Delights”

By Jennifer W.
Museum MOTI: exhibit “Nieuwe Lusten – Modern Delights”, on 19 April 2016

Six members of the IWC met at the MOTI Museum for the current exhibition Nieuwe Lusten–Modern Delights.


The exhibit featured work by four Dutch artists commissioned to deliver their interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s the Garden of Earthly Delights.  Each artist us20160419_114550ed different digital tools to create their version of the iconic triptych in pixels, file remixes, animations and projections. It was quite an interesting exhibit, with strong images starting from a peaceful garden ending with a garden in decay. Much to ponder with such a strong subject and varying artist interpretations.



20160419_112506The museum also featured the Van Gogh Minis. This exhibit features dioramas, with each artist developing an interpretation of one of Van Gogh’s works. The pieces ranged from simple boxes with 3D effects of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings to a 3D virtual reality headset with a moving image of a scene from one painting.  The ongoing exhibit of visual culture images and media were also very entertaining with some almost dizzying visual creations and creative advertising media. 

20160419_112241We ended the morning with a quick bite and lovely coffees at bij Kaatje! 

Yin Yang Yoga

By Delia A.

Yin Yang Yoga
Led by Hope T., on 25 February 2016

On 25 February, about 10 lovely members turned up at our familiar monthly coffee morning meeting spot to try our hand at Yoga, under the watchful and gentle instruction of member Hope.

Hope has been a Yoga teacher for 2 years and has been practicing Yoga herself since 1989! Some of us ladies that turned up were complete beginners and, from what I could tell, others had done this before.

We started with Hatha Yoga, which is movements and poses, for the 1st half of the session and then went on to do Yin, which is stretching. We also did some alternate nostril breathing which wasn’t as difficult as I first thought, but Hope was very clear in her instruction so maybe that’s why.

A group of very "zen" members after the yoga workshop!

A group of very “zen” members after the yoga workshop!

These are names of poses I remember doing (or trying to do): the sleeping crocodile, the happy baby, the sphinx, the cobra, the sun salutation. After a relaxation exercise we slowly emerged from our mats and enjoyed a drink and a chat together before going our seperate ways.

Thank you to the, obviously more experienced, yoga mat neighbours I had – Renee and Mimi. It was very useful to glance round to see I was doing it right. Above all, thank you Hope for the balanced guidance and teaching.

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