Saturday High Tea 20th May 2017

A lovely Saturday afternoon High tea with 30 members! So glad to have senior member Cocky with us.

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Monthly Potluck Lunch October 24th, Rita’s place

The first Potluck lunch of the 2017-2018 club year! So nice to see all the ladies back for the club year! Rita hosted this event, and some very lovely looking food was had by all. Nice effort ladies! Can’t wait to see what everyone brings for the next potluck event!

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Horse Dairy Farm De Edelweiss October 12th, Etten-Leur

by Mimi Z.

The October activity organized by the club was a visit to the horse dairy farm De Edelweiss in Etten-Leur. I’d never heard about such a farm and so I’ve decided to sign-up and learn about it!

Our visit was divided in two parts. First we learned about mare’s milk; we learned a little about its history and its health benefits. Then we went into the stable and watched the milking in process.

At the end, some of us purchased cosmetics made with mare’s milk.


So what is mare’s milk?

That’s the milk produced by mares to feed foals during the first six months following their birth. For thousands of years mares have been used as dairy animals in some cultures, especially by the nomads and formerly nomadic people of Central Asia.


In Europe, mare’s milk was used in the 19th and in the early 20th as a substitute for mother’s milk. Very easy to digest, it apparently helped those who suffered from cirrhosis, stomach ulcers, gastric and chronic intestinal pain, constipation, and various problems tied to the gallbladder and pancreas.


Mare’s milk is also used in cosmetics because it is rich in nutrients. It has a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin. That’s why it is particularly recommended for treatment of eczema.

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