Johannes Vermeer

April 2023 Deft Tour of Johannes Vermeer.

Johannes Vermeer lived his whole life in Delft and was famous in the town. In his lifetime he enjoyed very little fame, however today he is one of the most famous painters of the 17th century. IWC took a guided tour through the Delft of Johannes Vermeer. According to our guide, if Vermeer would come back to life again today he would still be able to navigate the beautiful city of Delft without much trouble. Delft has changed very little over the years and is almost the same as during his lifetime from 1632 – 1675.

The weather on the day of our tour was cold. In spite of the outside temperature we had a lovely time learning about Johannes Vermeer. We saw where he lived and where he painted View on Delft or Het Straatje of Vermeer. We learned about his marrriage, his 13 children, his bankruptcy and the way his widow paid the debts with his paintings. To top off the day we had a lovely lunch and made a quick visit to the Prinsenhof Museum as well.


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